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Beautiful Flowers that Improve Your Well-Being

Gardening provides hours of stress-relieving activity. Gambrills Flower Farm provides an array of seasonal plants and flowers that help you create a calming and visually appealing environment. We offer perennial and annual plants for sale that add vibrant color and greenery to your property. This boosts your mood and improves your well-being. We also provide fresh vegetables in Gambrills, Maryland, to help maintain your good health.


Brighten up your surroundings with our top-selling annuals. These plants are very popular because they offer great versatility. You are able to put them into pots or plant them in your garden. We offer seed variety for annuals, including vegetables. Our farm also sells all of the summer flowers and has a large variety of different kinds.

Planning Your Containers

When thinking about container gardens, you have to take height, color combinations, and accent plants into consideration. All of these aspects go towards making the perfect pot. In a pot, you want the middle to be taller, and have accent plants around. When planting, we ensure that all the flowers coordinate, such as pinks and purples. We do red, white, and blue combinations as well. Reds, yellows, and blues also go well together.

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Perennial Sales

Not all perennials are created equal; they thrive differently in certain zones. To ensure the success of your garden, we offer hardy varieties that are able to thrive in our area. We carry most of the perennials that are available on the market today.

Perennials flower at different times throughout the year, such as early spring and summer, while some varieties do not flower until the fall. With our perennial sales, you enjoy cost effectiveness as these plants come back each year. This means that you won't have to spend money year after year to fill your flower beds.

Seasonal Items

 Gambrills Flower Farm offers an assortment of goods throughout the seasons. No matter the time of year, we always have something for you. We start production for our garden center in January. We propagate unrooted cuttings that are received from all over the world. When these cuttings are rooted, they are used to provide our spring flowers.

Our planting workload gets very busy in March, when most of our flowers for spring sale are planted. During this time, vegetable seeds are also germinated and planted for resale, as well as for planting in our fields for summer sales.

In the summer, we start growing garden mums, pansies, and ornamental cabbage and kale for September and October sales. We also offer many different shrubs.