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Achieving the Perfect Landscape

We all want a property that we can be proud of. Gambrills Flower Farm provides a variety of gardening supplies that help you achieve the perfect landscape. With our assortment of mulch and stones, your neighbors will be amazed and want to know how they can get the same look. Come to our farm in Gambrills, Maryland, where you also get soil conditioners that help your annual and perennial plants grow.

Beautifying Your Home

Mulch is important in the maintenance of your garden as it keeps weeds down and retains moisture around your plants. It also serves the purpose of beautifying your home, making your property the nicest looking one on the block. Our mulch is available in either bulk or bagged form.

Cedar Mulch

Our cedar mulch is offered in bags only and comes from cedar trees in Canada. In general, most people like cedar because there are no termite problems. This type of mulch is also natural with no dyes and provides a unique look.

Hardwood Mulch ~ Available in Bag & Bulk

We offer natural brown shredded hardwood mulch, as well as color enhanced dyed black and brown hardwood mulch in bulk, which we sell by the cubic yard(27 cubic feet.) In 3 cubic foot bags, we have the natural shredded brown mulch, and then in the 2 cubic foot bags, we have dyed black, dyed brown and also dyed red color enhanced mulch.


Pine Mulch

Count on us for pine products as well. We offer pine bark, mulch, and nuggets for the maintenance of your yard.

Bagged Stones

 We sell stones of different sizes and colors. These colors include white and red. When you add our stones to your gorgeous landscaping design, they last forever as they don't go bad. Once you lay them down properly, they are maintenance free. We can usually provide you stones that match your design, depending on the particular color you want.

Soil Conditioners

 Increase the growing potential of your garden with our soil conditioners. The main one we carry is "Leaf Gro", which is made up of grass clippings and leaves from last year. You would want to use this every time you plant something, whether it is annuals, perennials, shrubs, or trees. All you have to do is put the conditioner in the hole when planting, and it gives the roots nutrients and a good base to grow on. This is also used to mend your soil. You are able to put some down during the fall as a top dressing, which works its way down into the soil.